Residential Complex "Rudny"
Mayak Corporation, Yekaterinburg
Objective: To create a sales tool for an apartment complex that can be used on any device
What we have done
Mobile application for sales of the residential complex
Created a virtual tour of each apartment available on any mobile device
Ability to make a purchase in a mobile app
Beta-version of the mobile application for the housing estate Rudny from Mayak Corporation. Integration with CRM-system.

This application is published in the App store and Google play, and is available to anyone absolutely free! In the application you can see the facade of the residential complex and its immediate surroundings, choose any floor, see apartment layout in 2D-format and in 3D. On the floors the user sees the status of apartments (free, sold and reserved), as well as all the information about the apartment. In the case of interest in a particular apartment - the user has the opportunity directly in the interface to make an application, which will go to the CRM-system sales department of the developer.
number one: a sales tool for MAYAK Corporation
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Where can you use our solution?
Our solution is suitable for use in the builder's sales office, at exhibitions and other marketing events.
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