Residential Complex "New Atmosphere"
Atmosphere, Bryansk
Задача: создать визуально понятный для клиента и менеджера инструмент продаж, а так же на самом раннем этапе продемонстрировать потенциальным покупателям состав жилого комплекса, архитектуру, планировочные решения
и инфраструктуру.
What we have done
Created a nearby neighborhood infrastructure
Created unique interiors for different needs
Connecting interaction with interior objects
The new sales tool consists of two complementary technologies: an interactive presentation on a touch screen and a virtual reality helmet tour of the residential complex

Virtual reality is an opportunity to see the future home at any stage of construction, walk through the landscaped courtyard, enter the entryway, go up to the apartments with a finished interior. To see the lobby of the house, to look into the elevator or go down to the parking lot, to assess the view from the window of the apartment, on the 16th floor - there is nothing easier.

The environment is fully interactive - it is a deep dive into the atmosphere of the completed project, a fascinating show with limitless possibilities. No more incomprehensible black-and-white panes of floors and piles of static images - the buyer gets reality, here and now.
unique interiors
Project Gallery
Where can you use our solution?
Our solution is suitable for use in the builder's sales office, at exhibitions and other marketing events.
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