Residential Complex "Millennium"
Your House Corporation, Yekaterinburg
Objective: to create a visually clear sales tool for the client and the manager, as well as at the earliest stage to demonstrate to potential buyers the composition of the residential complex, architecture, planning solutions and infrastructure.
What we have done
Interactive presentation using VR technology
Ability to interact with elements of the infrastructure of the area
A navigation tablet with which the user not only always knows exactly where he is.
Interactive sales tool for the Millennium Residential Complex using VR-technology (virtual reality). In this project, a potential buyer can get acquainted with the residential complex both from the outside, having a walk around the yard and the surrounding area, and from the inside - by visiting three buildings and apartments in them, which are currently on sale. In the yard available to get acquainted with the entire infrastructure, some objects are made interactive (you can throw a ball in a ring on the playground, or play great chess). The interior finish of the residential complex is fully consistent with the project, and the apartments are furnished. There is an opportunity to go out on balconies, behind the windows there are photo-panoramas, which allow you to appreciate the view in full.

For the convenience of introducing visitors to the residential complex Millennium, GRAFF interactive developed a new auxiliary tool in virtual reality - a navigation tablet, through which the user does not only always know where exactly he is (displaying a map of the residential complex or the floor plan), but can move between the apartments of interest instantly, selecting the desired floor and layout. This greatly enhances the user experience, allowing the user to focus on what's important - getting to know the apartments and the apartment complex!
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The consultations were held by the sales managers of the developer

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Where can you use our solution?
Our solution is suitable for use in the builder's sales office, at exhibitions and other marketing events.
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