Residential Complex "Electrodom"
KORTROS, Yekaterinburg
Objective: to demonstrate the technology of recuperation of the new residential complex
What we have done
We created a 3D model of a residential complex with a new heating system
Demonstrated the operation of the supply and exhaust ventilation unit with recuperation
Demonstrated cable heating of the apartment, with a remote control
3D interactive presentation of heating and recuperation systems of a residential complex in Akademichesky district, Yekaterinburg.

Interactive presentation demonstrates the principle of supply and exhaust ventilation unit with recuperation, based on the principle of reuse of heat removed from the exhaust air of the apartment for heating the fresh supplied air from the street.

Demonstrates a cable heating system that heats the house directly.
house with recuperation in Akademicheskiy
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Where can you use our solution?
Our solution is suitable for use in the builder's sales office, at exhibitions and other marketing events.
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