Residential Complex "Alexandrovsky"
Objective: to create a visually clear sales tool for the client and the manager, as well as at the earliest stage to demonstrate to potential buyers the composition of the residential complex, architecture, planning solutions and infrastructure.
What we have done
Created different interiors for different customer needs
Created the collection of statistical data on customer behavior in an interactive environment
We have created a filter for apartment selection by the client's request
The interactive presentation for the residential complex includes an interactive layout for the touch screen display and a walk through the residential complex.

The presentation on the touch screen allows you to show buyers the infrastructure of the area, the composition of the residential complex, the main transport interchanges and public transport stops. Choose the layout and walk around the apartment.

The consultations were conducted by the sales managers of the developer

Интерактивная презентация
Мобильно приложение. Тур по квартире
Project Gallery
Where can you use our solution?
Our solution is suitable for use in the builder's sales office, at exhibitions and other marketing events.
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