Mobile compressor station
3D interactive presentation
Objective: to present a mobile compressor station at the XI International Gas Forum in St. Petersburg
The main view of the scene is a general overview view from which the user can see all the blocks of the ISS. At this stage, it is possible to control the camera (scroll/ zoom in/out), move to points of interest, or enable auto-presentation. All control and interaction with the user interface is done using the touch screen. The list of visualizable objects.
- general scene environment;
- the appearance of all the ISS blocks;
- internal equipment of the ISS blocks (if applicable). List of the ISS blocks:
- Block Provisioning-1 CMU (BO-1 CMU);
- Manifold;
- Block of Compressors-1 (BC-1);
- Block of Compressors-2 (BC-2);
- ACS Unit;
- Electrical Engineering Unit (EEU);
- Residential Module;
- Support Unit-2 (SO-2).
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