SU-35 aircraft
Interactive presentation
Objective: to create an interactive presentation of the SU-35 aircraft for presentation on inserts
What we have done
Modeled an airplane with its basic equipment and armament
We wrote in the presentation the tactical and technical characteristics
Interactive presentation of multifunctional fighter SU-35 / SU-35S, prepared by GRAFF Interactive. In this presentation the user is given the opportunity to get acquainted with the main characteristics of the fighter jet. The key advantage of this interactive presentation is the demonstration capabilities of the aircraft. Each user can rotate the 3D model of the engine, see it from all sides and in detail, in section, the presentation is menu-driven. The interactive model of the fighter can be displayed on computer monitors or shared screens (e.g. on the video wall of the exhibition stand), on mobile devices, as well as using virtual or augmented reality glasses. The model can be controlled using touchpads, tablets and mobile devices.
presentations of the military vehicle at the exhibition
Project Gallery
This solution is suitable for demonstration at exhibitions, educational centers and museum expositions.
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