Smart Oil and Gas
Interactive Exhibition
With the introduction of restrictive measures for forums and exhibitions, alternative ways of holding events began to gain momentum.
Что мы сделали
Online communication between visitors and exhibitor representatives
Watching videos of exhibitors
Exhibitor presentation materials
Gamification of exhibitors' digital projects
A virtual online exhibition developed for the Smart Oil&Gas event. The event was available at At the exhibition, users could learn various information in the form of texts and videos, participate in thematic conferences, watch online broadcasts of championships and take part in quizzes while moving between virtual booths. During the event, the event was visited by several hundred TARGET visitors!
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To collect statistics, Google and Yandex metrics are connected to the realized online exhibition. Thanks to this, we can collect information on: the number of visitors, the time spent at the exhibition, the age and gender of the visitors, determine the type of device from which the exhibition was visited, and much more.
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