Augmented reality technology for your business
We invite you into the world of an amazing future with the technology of virtual
and mixed reality
for different industries
With the introduction of restrictive measures for forums and exhibitions, alternative ways of holding events began to gain momentum.
Our team has developed a great solution-interactive exhibitions with a wide range of features and excellent 3D graphics!
Interactive exhibitions
Interactive exhibition allows you to gather people from all over the world, regardless of the location and time

Virtual stands, online broadcasts, watching videos and promotional materials, interactive activities, shared text and private (Telegram and WhatsApp) chats - this is just a small part of the possibilities of our solution.

Smart Oil and Gas
is a modern and very effective marketing technique. Visitors to such an event can not only examine the materials on display, but also interact with the stand and exhibits. Employees of the exhibition actively make contact with potential consumers of the products and willingly communicate with them. Visitors can ask questions, get acquainted with the products live, touch them, and observe them in action.
The following features are provided at the 3D virtual exhibition booths:

-Online communication between visitors and exhibitor representatives;

-viewing the exhibitors' videos;

-exhibitors' presentation materials;

-gamification of exhibitors' digital projects;

In addition, holographic objects ("teleporters") will be placed at the exhibition; if visitors click on them, they will be able to immediately get to the desired live online session.
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