Multimedia presentation of the MCOD

Objective: to create a presentation for a personal computer, having a main working window with navigation elements and auxiliary controls to obtain comprehensive information about the nuances of the project (in text and photo format). The application should include a visualization module with the ability to study the CDC (container data center) as a ready-made solution.
What we have done
Animation of the vacuum press
Three-dimensional models of the production line
Created an environment
All elements of the СDC have been recreated in a three-dimensional environment. Modeling of the surrounding area has also been performed. The level of visualization and characteristics of the models (including polygonality and texturing requirements) are adapted for visualization by means of a modern graphics engine.
The presentation GUI is intuitive, allowing you to easily navigate to objects of interest, view them from any angle, and examine textual information about them. At the same time, it is designed to control the presentation through the touch screen.
Presentation mode allows the user to see a reconstructed three-dimensional model of the data center, go to any node and get information about it by clicking on it.
Environment detailing: lawn with a concrete pad around the data center, key object/s to indicate the scale, as well as utility lines (water, electricity).
Modeling of both the IODC and the data processing center, including the typical filling of these objects.

of presentations made at the exhibition

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