Aircraft L 410 NG
Aircraft Industries
We present you an interactive presentation of the L 410 NG aircraft, commissioned by Aircraft Industries (Czech Republic). The presentation is designed to demonstrate the airplane and its technical features at various exhibitions and in the manufacturer's sales department on touch screens or touch tables.
What we have done
Implemented a demonstration of various aircraft modifications
Special attention was paid to the development of a demonstration of the technical features of the aircraft
Implemented different variants of the demonstration on the touch screen and in VR mode
The L 410 is used for civilian purposes by both commercial operators and government agencies, as well as the military (as a civil aircraft) and flying clubs around the world. The aircraft is multi-purpose and is available in several variants. The L 410 is the ideal technical and economical solution for short- and medium-range air transport of passengers and cargo.

airplanes sold thanks to interactive presentation
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