Interactive presentation for PIK-industria Group

Interactive presentation
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Objective: to develop a three-dimensional interactive presentation of the production line for the personal computer under the Windows operating system.
What we have done
Animation of the vacuum press
Three-dimensional models of the production line
Created an environment
The presentation is designed for personal computers running Windows 7 (Seven) SP 1 or higher.
Information content of the Presentation is preloaded and stored directly on the end user's PC.

The Presentation includes the following components, which are indivisible parts of the Presentation: three-dimensional models of the technological line, which shall include:
BSU 1, Vacuum press, BSU 2, Vibropress, Automated drying chamber, Drying chamber, Product height calibration, Product grinding, Polishing unit, Chamfering unit, Shot blasting unit, Brushing unit, Protective coating unit, Product automatic packaging unit, Vacuum press animation, Graphical user interface and user interaction component with the Presentation.

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