Augmented reality technology for your business
We invite you into the world of an amazing future with the technology of virtual
and mixed reality
for different industries
Show products to potential customers, even at the development stage, with the help of modern interactive technologies - virtual and augmented reality, multimedia touch panels and mobile devices
Interactive visualization
for presentations
Shared chat, online broadcasts, watching videos and promotional materials, interactive activities, general text and private (Telegram and WhatsApp) chats - this is just a small part of the possibilities of our solution.

An interactive exhibition allows you to gather people from all over the world without having to worry about the place and time.
Virtual Reality | VR
Residential Complex "Uralsky"
Virtual reality is an opportunity to see the future project at any stage of implementation. Interactive environment is a deep dive into the atmosphere of the completed project, a fascinating show with limitless possibilities
What virtual reality allows

VR allows you to create a fast and powerful wow effect

Present a product or service that is difficult to demonstrate in reality

Show the amount of space, the layout of the object, which may not yet be built

VR in training allows you to increase the effectiveness of the presentation of material

We are not looking at the image on the screen, but directly in the virtual space
Residential Complex "Uralsky"
Augmented reality | AR
Ivanovo polyester complex
The system of linking a virtual model to a physical object allows you to create interactive layouts and interact with the object through an interface created using augmented reality technology
What augmented reality allows:

AR adds elements of the digital world to the real world.

Allows you to customize and try on an item

AR brings a static exhibit to life

Demonstrates the benefits and performance of products
Titanium Valley
Visual 3D configurators
Kamaz configurator
A class of software products that allows the user to select the equipment with the right parameters, learn the characteristics of the equipment and compare the equipment with each other
Visual configurators help:

Introduce the customer to the full set of features and additional equipment options.

Compare configurators in an easy-to-use configurator interface.

Save and transfer the results of the configurator to the manager on the manufacturer's side.

Develop a product configurator for any platform from multimedia touch panels to mobile devices to the hardware manufacturer's website.
L410NG aircraft configurator
Touch displays and touchpads are the perfect solution for showcasing all the benefits of a product at trade shows and festivals

Presentation on a touch display has the advantages of intuitive mobile application control and a high level of graphics that are not available on mobile devices
What the Touch screen allows:

Demonstrates interactive instructions, production navigation

Use in complex industrial circuits and as self-service equipment

Helps demonstrate 3D configurator, real estate matching system

Touch screen control, a great alternative to VR or other controllers
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