Residential Complex "Aivazovsky"
ENCO, Tyumen
Objective: to create a visually clear sales tool for the client and the manager, as well as at the earliest stage to demonstrate to potential buyers the composition of the residential complex, architecture, planning solutions and infrastructure.
What we have done
Created new unique interiors
A new level of graphics
Sending an offer to the customer's email
Our product allows you to effectively present a residential complex, placing the right emphasis on the key benefits of the project. Sales managers no longer need to rely on the buyer's imagination, and clients do not need to imagine and speculate. Simplicity and accessibility of visual information shortens the time for making a purchase decision.
Distinctive features of the new product:
Synchronization with the builder's CRM system
Physically accurate day and night mode model
New interface for getting acquainted with the residential complex infrastructure
High level of graphics and interior design
Virtual walk through without wires or additional sensors
Navigation tablet to control the presentation
Parametric selection of apartments
Take a screenshot
Sending a commercial proposal for the selected apartments
interactive presentation in Tyumen
Project Gallery
Where can you use our solution?
Our solution is suitable for use in the builder's sales office, at exhibitions and other marketing events.
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